Art for babies

Collective ceremony for 250 tour operators during FITUR 2003. They were invited to a guided visit through 2 hours around the venues at the  Thyssen Museum of Madrid. After the visit, they were invited to participate at the entrance hall of the Museum to the Edible painting Ceremony Ceremonia. It was about tasting a painting of  Edward Hopper Hotel room, interpreted in culinary terms by Alicia Ríos. On one rolling table of 2,43 X 2,55 m, was set a scaled reproduction  of the painting. The aliments were organized as a weave like an edible mosaic, made of delicious appetizer sweet and salted, representing the masterpiece, reproduced with elements of the traditional refined spanish culinary. The ceremony was dressed with violoncello music and the presence of an actress during the whole visit representing the character  of the painting.

Interpretation and gastronomic realization: Alicia Ríos
Artistic direction: Carlos Laredo
Actress: Clarice Cardell
Music: Queyi
Producción: La Casa Incierta.


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